Is massage for you?

Physical benefits

The majority of musculo-skeletal and soft tissue conditions, both chronic and acute respond well to massage (for example a chronic condition is long term or symptoms that come on slowly, whereas acute conditions are usually injuries or symptoms which come on suddenly). Massage can help trigger and support the natural healing ability of the body, increase our range of movement, and strengthen muscles and tissues after an injury or surgery. It can improve circulation and movement of lymph, release fascial (soft tissue) restrictions and reduce adhesions and scar tissue. Massage can be gentle and healing or energising, dynamic and strengthening. It can be used as an integral part of your rehabilitation or training and exercise routines.

Mental-emotional benefits

Many mental-emotional conditions can also benefit from the human to human contact and taking time out for yourself and most if not all physical conditions have feelings, beliefs and lifestyle choices associated with their onset. Massage can help to free up negative emotions and unproductive beliefs which get stuck in the tissues. Massage can leave us feeling relaxed and physically lighter, it can facilitate a deeply meditative state or ease stress and tension and help us to feel more positive and in touch with ourselves.

Massage can help us to reconnect with ourselves and our objectives, and help get us back on track.