Types of Sessions and Prices


Initial consultation and exploratory massage 1 hr 30 min: £30.00

Single massage session 1 hr: £40.00

Block of 6 x 1 hr sessions: £220.00 (i.e. one session half price)

Healing or extended massage session 1 hr 30 mins: £50.00

Physical/Mental/Emotional session 2 or more hr: £60.00


Initial consultation and exploratory massage: £30.00

A 1 hr 30 min session to take a detailed history and find out where the trigger points, knots and tension are hiding. Great improvement in your discomfort can be made in just one session and you may only need one session for a superficial problem.

Single massage session: £40.00           Block of 6 x 1 hr sessions: £220.00 (i.e. one session half price)

A 1 hr session to target problem areas, referred or distant pain and problems that have arisen from compensating to take the pressure off the main area of discomfort. Alternately you can simply have a regular 1 hr massage to relax and unwind, giving yourself a bit of me time. Each session can focus on a general relaxation of the whole body, or focus on different areas of the body in turn either as part of a plan or based on what you need each time.

Choose from:

Whole body relaxation:

Increase circulation, move lymph and waste products from tissues, release tension and feel lighter and taller. Good for emotional issues as well as musculoskeletal problems.

Head neck and shoulders:

Enjoy a deep facial massage to ease facial tension (do you clamp your jaw and frown too much?) and smooth away those wrinkles. Most of us wear our shoulders like earrings and spend all day stooped over our computers and smart phones. Gentle but deep massage and trigger point therapy to the neck and upper shoulders can improve migraines and headaches, temporomandibular (jaw disfunction) issues, reduced head and neck range of movement, chronic stiffness and painful neck and shoulder issues.

Shoulder girdle:

For all conditions or injuries resulting in pain and decreased range of movement in the shoulders. Tingling, numbness and weakness in the arms and chest can be due to trigger points in the neck and shoulder muscles or adhesions in the fascia (non-muscular soft tissue). A few sessions of massage focussing on the rotator cuff muscles and their attachment points can create a surprising amount of relief and a return to normality.

Lower back:

Our lower back takes punishment from manual labour, bad posture and seating or from simply not doing enough exercise to maintain strong back muscles. There are numerous lower back conditions, some resulting in nerve pains in our buttocks and legs, and many can be greatly improved with a few sessions of massage. Once the pain eases, and range of movement is restored, your ability to move normally again will keep many of these conditions at bay.

Hips and legs:


Do you refuse to give up your sport despite repetitive strain injuries that niggle and twinge when you’re training? One or more sessions of sports massage and stretching can release trigger points, strengthen and relax your overworked muscles. Kerry can recommend ways of training to reduce injuries, get fit without stressing the body, and show you exercises to prevent the injury from returning. Is your mobility affected by painful hips, knees and ankles? Working on the soft tissue around these joints can improve most painful conditions and help with rehabilitation after surgery, or in some cases reduce the need for surgery. Kerry can show you exercises to improve balance and reduce the likelihood of having a fall which can be a devastating event for older people. Easy joints equals feeling and moving like a younger person – without groaning!

Arms and hands:

There are so many little muscles, nerves and tendons that can get painful, trapped or contracted in the arms and hands. Most conditions and injuries to the fingers, hands and wrists, and adhesions which may form after surgery, can be improved with fascial techniques and the range of movement can often be improved.


Healing massage session: £50.00

A relaxed 1 hr 30 min session with time for feedback and discussion on how our diet, thoughts, feelings and behaviour impact upon our painful conditions. Each session starts and ends with time for deep healing energy through Kerry’s hands, time to allow the human-to-human connection to bring nourishing energy to our needy tissues. Some naturopathic techniques may be employed such as alternating ice with heat to bring in circulation to deep injuries and chronic conditions, or using a castor oil pack to soften injured tissues and shift waste products.

Extended session: £60.00

A session lasting 2 hrs or more, where time is allowed for sustained soft tissue acupressure and processing of sensations, tension, thoughts, feelings and beliefs during the massage where necessary. With education regarding nutrition and naturopathy at home and how to process our day to day feelings, we can increase our body awareness and learn from our body about why we have addictive tendencies and why we are in pain (physical or emotional).